We work with people who want a faster way to build their team! 

"You received the highest scoring participant evaluations with your Teambuilding Training we have ever seen. You were friendly and pleasant to work with. Thank you."

    Earnest Carter, Training and Development, Texas Workforce Commission 

Consultation Objective:

This is a Fast Start Teamwork    Process to quickly move new and intact work groups to become more team oriented.

The Process also works to revitalize previously successful teams who have become stalled or stuck and ineffective in setting new challenge goals.

Expected Outcome:

     Members of the department will have a better understanding of how they communicate and work together, and

     Members will be more customer-focused and better able to solve workplace problems together for their internal customers.

Suggested Topics and Activities


       CARStyles Social Styles of Communication

       How we communicate with others--self-assessment

       How we can improve our style of communicating with others

       Team Identity Activity (see example)

       Where are We Today? Team Assessment


       Competition/Cooperation Simulation

    Norming/Data Flow:

       Identifying Our Strengths and Preferences for Work--Designated Bragger

    Performing/Problem Solving:

       Creating and Agreeing to our Vision, Mission and Goals

       Problem Solving/Process Improvement of an actual workplace problem

    Transforming/Continuous Improvement:

       Techniques to Maintain and Continue the Team Success

Follow-On Meetings

    2-4 hour Follow-on Meetings are offered as an option to ensure the on-going process of Teambuilding and Customer Service. These would be scheduled at appropriate intervals.

    Topics might include:

       Conflict Management

       Interpersonal Skills Training

       Effective Meeting Management

       Process Improvement/Fast Cycle Time

    View a Sample Process

    Satisfied clients include:

      Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant

        Tool Repair and Maintenance

        Financial Controls

        Training Department

      TENNECO Automotive Quality Department

      Nuclear Management Company

      Hillsdale College

      Klein Tools, Inc.

      Hillsdale (MI) Board of Public Utilities

       William Davidson Institute

       Tauber Manufacturing Institute

       Nevada Business Services

       University of Michigan MBA Project Teams

       Thorn Apple Valley

       State Historic Preservation Office

The Fast Start Teamwork  Process  is customized based on client needs.

"Your willingness to help out and to customize material is extraordinary.  It is a pleasure to work with you and you are appreciated.  Thank you."

    Marsha Findlay, Training Specialist, Nuclear Management Company 

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