Teambuilding Efforts have been shown to:

           improve quality and production

           improve employee satisfaction with the workplace

           improve operational cost-effectiveness

           improve vendor relationships and increase customer satisfaction

We provide a custom-designed Teambuilding Process for assisting the organization's large system change effort towards a high-performance, team-based organization. This facilitated process begins with top level support for the change effort.

Phase I:

Generally, an assessment of where the organization is "now" is conducted. The establishment of a cross-functional, multi-level Steering Committee is needed to guide and coordinate the effort. Mission, goals and objectives are determined along with critical success factors to measure progress. Recognition structures are put in place. A pilot group is selected and trained. Evaluation takes place and Phase II is begun.

Phase II:

When evaluation of Phase I shows success, the effort is reviewed and improved. Then implementation takes place throughout the organization. Appropriate training is conducted to facilitate the change. The original assessment is conducted again to compute forward progress.

Phase III:

New opportunities and areas of improvement are identified. Teams are renewed and revitalized. As in any organizational change, ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement are necessary to maintain the success.

Suggested Teambuilding Training:

           Team Development and Group Dynamics

           Group Problem Solving

           Consensus Decision Making

           Transferring Decision-making Authority

           Leadership Skills for Effective Meetings

           Customer Service Communication

 Selected clients who have benefited from Teambuilding Training and Consultation include:

           University of Michigan Tauber Manufacturing Institute

           Eaton Aeroquip Corporation

           State Historic Preservation Office

           Armour Swift-Eckrich

           Hillsdale College

           Hi-Lex Controls

           Jackson County Health Department

           Plastigage Corporation

           Nuclear Management Company

           Jackson and Lenawee Intermediate School Districts

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