Pit Crew Challenge Seminar


Typical Half-Day Agenda *

0:00 Welcome and Check In

0:15 Fast-Start™ Teamwork Process

Our Team and Stages of Team Development

Who’s on our team: CARStyles™ Personality Styles

Get a GRIP on the Wheel! Goals, Roles, Interpersonal Relationships, Processes

1:15 Pit Crew Challenge: First Round—getting started

Process Improvement: Application of the Training

1:45 Pit Crew Challenge: Second Round—getting organized

Process Improvement: Application of Learning

2:15 Pit Crew Challenge: Third Round—solving problems

Process Improvement: Competition is a Good Thing!

2:45 Team Evaluation: How did we do?

3:15 Celebrate Success!


It is recommended participants wear casual clothes (jeans) as the Pit Crew Challenge involves changing tires on a stock car.


Checkered Flag Teams Facilitators:

Renée Merchant and Dick Merchant, Brooklyn, MI



* This program can be customized based on corporate needs. It can be presented at Michigan International Speedway or at your location.



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