Training Objective:  
To provide a thorough understanding of the latest Project Management tools and techniques as well as providing skill-building practice by planning an actual workplace project.

 PLANNING--What work has to be done

  1. Establish Goals and Responsibilities
  2. Work Breakdown Structure
  3. Sequence of Activities (Network Diagramming or CPM)
  4. Estimating Time

SCHEDULING--When the work has to be done

  1. Bar Charts (Gantt Charts)
  2. Potential Opportunity Identification
  3. Planning, Organizing and Delegating (when you have no authority)

CONTROLLING AND MONITORING--How Well the work is progressing

  1. Elements of Effective Project Management Meetings
  2. Potential Problem Identification
  3. Project Completion and Evaluation

This program has been successfully presented for:

           Ford Motor Company

           Detroit Edison

           Plastigage Corporation

           Michigan Department of State, and others.


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