Must-have Skills for the Millennium

"Renée works well with the materials and was good at applying it to different situations and did not rush."

First-line Leader, Advanced Coating Technologies, Participant in First-line Leadership Skills Training

"This was great! I learned how to talk to people effectively."

    Newly promoted, First-line Leader, Armour Swift-Eckrich

Hundreds of first-line leaders have benefited from practicing these must-have skills.

Effective Supervisory Interpersonal Communication

           Basic communication skills

           Assertiveness and Leadership

           Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

           CARStyles Ô  Social Styles of Communication

The Changing Role of Supervision

           The Move from Traditional to Modern Business

           Traditional Supervisor v. Modern Leader

           Managing Change

           Empowerment and Leadership

           Identifying and Preventing Sexual Harassment

Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

           Reinforcement and constructive feedback

           Analyzing Employee Performance

           Conducting the Performance Appraisal

           Setting and Achieving Goals with Employees

           Reducing Job Stress for Ourselves and Employees


Performance Coaching and Leadership Skills

           Coaching v. Counseling

           Social Styles of Communication Behavior and Learning Style

           Five Easy Steps to Coaching

           Ten Tips for Delegation

           Leadership Practice


Planning, Organizing, Delegating (Time Management)

           Goal setting and Establishing priorities

           Situational delegation and follow-up

           Supervisory Time Management


Teamwork: The Tool for Quality and Process Improvements

           Teamwork: How to get it

           Consensus Decision making within a Team

           Teamwork: How to keep it--Reward and Recognition


Team Problem Solving

           The F*A*S*T  Problem Solving Model © DELTA SYSTEMS

           Problem Solving and Identifying Opportunities for Improvement

           Process Mapping and Process Improvement


Conflict Management and the Role of Interpersonal Negotiation

           Conflict style: self-assessment

           Negotiation techniques to resolve conflict

           Behavior of Problem People in our Worklife and How to Manage


Effective Meeting Management

           Elements of an Effective Meeting

           Member Roles in Meeting

           Meeting Facilitation and Other Proven Tools


Process Improvement for Teams/Fast Cycle Time

           What it is not—Lucy and the Chocolate Factory

           Process Mapping-"IS" and "SHOULD BE"

           Making Process Improvement work for you

           Storyboarding—a proven technique to identify and reduce Non-value added work

Each module includes some element of the recommended four approaches to development; personal growth, conceptual understanding of leadership, feedback from self and others, and skill building opportunity.

Each module contains learning behavior objectives, lecturette of concepts, interactive discussion, role play or small group activity, and individual action planning to facilitate the transfer of training. Participant materials are provided in a 3-ring binder.

A summary of "Behaviors to Look For" is available for distribution to second-line leaders. These behaviors encourage the transfer of training by giving managers information about the new behaviors expected to be exhibited by the participants following training. Managers are encouraged to recognize and reward these behaviors. 

      Satisfied clients include:

           Aeroquip Corporation

           Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant

 Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

           Hillsdale Tool

           Plastigage Corporation

           Klein Tools, Inc.

           Board of Public Utilities, and many others

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