Process Improvement for Teams/Fast Cycle Time

           What it is not—Lucy and the Chocolate Factory

           Process Mapping-"IS" and "SHOULD BE"

           Making Process Improvement work for you

           Storyboarding—a proven technique to identify and reduce Non-value added work

           Teams apply the process to actual workplace improvements

"I am pleased to have this opportunity to recognize you for the leadership and skill you have demonstrated while facilitating RAPIDs this year. Through your skillful deployment of the methodology, you have worked with sponsors to clarify critical business issues and needs. You helped to make sure that the right people were on the teams. You partnered with the business to develop workshop agendas and drove teams to think out-of-the-box, keeping them focused and on time. Your teams worked hard, had fun, delivered implementation plans that have added value to the business."

    From a letter from Ken Dabrowski,Vice President of Quality and Process Leadership, January 15, 1997

In 1994, DELTA SYSTEMS became a Fast Cycle Time consultant for Ford Motor Company Product Development. We also became certified as a RAPID (Rapid Actions for Process Improvement Deployment) consultant by the Process Leadership Office of Ford. We provided consultation to Product Development including Commercial Truck, Environmental Services, Value Analysis, the Design Center, and others.

Other satisfied clients include:

       Plastigage Corporation

       Jackson County Health Department

       Great Lakes Industries, and others 


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