"Your training today was easily adaptable to almost every customer service situation or department."

    Paul Hauglie, Melling Tool Company, Participant in Excellent Customer Satisfaction Program

Customer Service/Satisfaction

This program is geared to anyone with customers.

The customer is the final purchaser of our goods or services as well as any recipient of the end product of our work, such as, co-workers and our boss.

Participants will enjoy a fast-paced workshop which provides must-have skills for meeting the needs of all our customers.

There will be ample opportunity for viewing successful behaviors and practicing the techniques.


           Understand the principles of effective Customer Service

           Identify the elements of a service transaction

           Understand effective communication with CARStyles™

           Listen effectively to customers

           Deal with difficult customer situations

           Demonstrate you are trying to meet all the customer's needs

           Consistently keep an enthusiastic and positive attitude

           Use appropriate eye contact, body language, and tone of voice

           Recognize the impact internal customer service has on external customers

           How to say "no" the right way.


Additional topics can include:

Effective Communication and the External Customer

           Listening Techniques

           CARStyles of Communication Behavior; Making it Work for You

Handling the Difficult Customer

           Backtracking and Clarifying

           Letting the Customer Save Face

Improving Internal Customer Satisfaction

           Checklist and Critical Contact Points

           Saying "No"--Interpersonal Negotiation

How do we know we are doing well? Surveying Techniques and Tips

Developing our Individual Customer Service Action Plan

Satisfied clients include:

       Michigan Department of State

       Jackson County Health Department

       Greater Jackson Chamber of Commerce Membership

       Jackson Area Manufacturers Association Membership, and others 


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