Conflict Management and Interpersonal Negotiation

Training Objectives

    To provide training in effective techniques in conflict management, and

    To provide skill-building practice using customized role plays based on organizational issues.


Topic Agenda

    Developing Sensitivity for the Feelings of Others

    CARStyles™ Communication when People are Upset

    Effective Listening Skills

    Problem Recognition

    Determining Alternative Strategies

      Five typical resolution techniques; Avoiding, Accommodating, Compromising, Competing, and Collaborating

    Developing Action Steps; SMART Goal Setting

    Developing Contingency Plans

    Conflict Management Facilitation and Mediation

    Practice; Custom-designed Role Plays with facilitated feedback

      Giving Descriptive Feedback based on Observed Behavior

      Recognizing Forward Progress and Success


    "What to Look For" follow-up tips for Management


This program includes elements of the recommended four approaches to development; personal growth, conceptual understanding, feedback from self and others, and skill building opportunity.

This program contains learning behavior objectives, lecturette of concepts, interactive discussion, role play or small group activity, and individual action planning to facilitate the transfer of training.

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