Emotional Intelligence

EQ-i Assessment, Interpretation and Coaching by Renée Merchant, certified coach.


Option:  Individual Assessment and Feedback

This is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself, to improve your interpersonal relationships, and optimize your performance.  You take the multiple choice questionnaire online.  We use the BarOn EQ-i™ which is the first, most comprehensive, and most widely used instrument to evaluate emotional and social intelligence in the world today.  The questionnaire is scored and a report is generated.  We e-mail your complete report which includes suggestions for improving your EQ-i.  A mail in option is available.

 The most valuable part is you will receive a 30-minute telephone discussion of your score with our certified EQ-i professional coach.  At that time, your strengths and opportunities for improvement will be discussed.  You will have the opportunity to set goals to help you improve your EQ-i score, improve your interpersonal relationships, and optimize your performance.  Your confidentiality is assured.

 All this for only $100 plus appropriate tax.  Call or email us for details.

Option:  Team Feedback and Coaching

For your team or entire organization, the best practice is for each each individual to complete the assessment online.  The individual will be provided a complete report and a 30 minute feedback session.  In the feedback session, strengths and opportunities for improvement are discussed, priorities set, and individual action plans are recommended.  

A group report is available and can be discussed in small group settings.  Individual anonymity and confidentiality is maintained. 

 Ongoing coaching is available. 

Option:  Team Training Program

 The most efficient method is for individuals to complete the assessment online and completed assessments are presented to participants in a training setting.  Individuals receive an overview of the 15 scales and work independently to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.  Individuals develop action plans with assistance from the coach.  Individual anonymity and confidentiality is maintained. 

Optional one-to-one coaching is offered.


  • Individuals have an action plan to work to improve 1-3 Emotional Intelligence components.
  • The organization may receive a group report identifying Emotional Intelligence components common to the group.  Training programs can be offered based on this outcome.

Satisfied Clients include Pfizer, University of Michigan, and Rotary International.

 Would you like to know why some people with a high IQ fail in life, while others with a moderate IQ succeed?  The answer is Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

 EQ is likely a greater predictor of success than IQ and past work experience combined.

EQ is a measurement of common sense and “street smarts” 

  • EQ makes individuals more efficient, productive, and successful. 
  • Organizations become more productive by hiring emotionally smart people
  • and by offering opportunities to enhance these skills in the workplace.

Leaders benefit by understanding EQ-- 

  • Become more effective in dealing with others
  • Become better able to deal with daily demands
  • Become more effective in achieving goals
  • Be able to identify the star performers on your team

  Click here for a brief description of the  Benefits of assessing Emotional Intelligence  for the Individual and the Organization

 Scoring Summary 

EQ scores are produced from raw scores obtained from subscales based on the factorial components of emotional intelligence.  Raw scores are converted to standard scores with 100 as the mean and standard deviations set at 15 points.   An emotional intelligence score helps to predict "success" in life.  It reflects one's current coping skills, one's ability to deal with daily environmental demands, one's degree of common sense, and, ultimately, one's overall mental health.

Click here for a brief description of the Scoring for  Emotional Intelligence


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