A Communication Style Model

and Self-Assessment Tool


CARStyles™ Facilitator Guide

Communication style can determine how people communicate, deal with change, and manage conflict. This newly developed Communication Style Model is a must-have personality assessment tool that helps teams identify and understand their interpersonal team dynamics in a fun, upbeat way. Team leaders or trainers can use this guide to develop and present a training program for their team. It includes reproducible overhead transparencies and a training program agenda. Use it with the CARStyles Participant Assessment and Interpretation Guide.

The 8.5 X 11 guide is $20.00.

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CARStyles™ Participant Assessment and Interpretation Guide

This newly developed Communication Style Model is a great tool for teams wanting a better, faster way to understand and capitalize on the strengths of team members' diverse communication styles. It includes a short personality assessment, an interpretation guide, and an action planning form. Use with the CARStyles Facilitator Guide.

One packet of five 8.5 x 11 guides for $30.00.

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CARStyles™  Are you what you drive? 

The CARStyles™ audio CD is a supplement to the CARStyles™ Facilitator Guide.  The CD contains the explanation of the model development, how to present it to a team of people, and implementation examples not contained in the Facilitator Guide.

 Audio CD running time 43:35 minutes  $15.00

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Best Value!  Starter packet includes 1 Facilitator Guide and 5 Participant guides, both for only $40.00.

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Great Value!

  CARStyles™ Facilitator Guide and Audio CD, both for only $30.00.


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CARStyles™ Business Package  Includes 5 Participant guides, 1 audio CD, and free Stickers, all for only $50.00.


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A short assessment helps determine your style of communication.



Control-oriented and Ask-assertive



Control-oriented and State-assertive


Relationship-oriented and Ask-assertive



Relationship-oriented and State-Assertive




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Based on the original writings of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, circa 400 BC


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